Ordering Flowers Online

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More and more of us are ordering our flowers online. The offer of low prices and greater convenience lure us in. Online flower shops can keep prices down because the website is the store and the flowers are often delivered from central warehouses.  In some cases however a portion of the sales placed on the website is passed on to local florists for fulfillment and delivery. Because of this online florists have been growing around 2.5 percent annually in the past 5 years. Revenue for walk-in flower shops has dropped by 1.2 percent each year during the same time period, according to IBISWorld and their report "Online Flower Shops: Market Research Report."

How Do Flowers Reproduce?

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Flowers are colorful, flashy, fragrant and are the plant's reproductive structures. Their beauty is why we're attracted to them.  Not only us, but also insects who receive nourishment in exchange for pollination and help ensure their survival. Reproduction in flowering plants begins with pollination, which is the transfer of pollen from one flower to another. This can sometimes happen and be successful on the same plant (self pollination), or from one plant to another

Why Do Humans Find Flowers Beautiful?

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An interesting thought. Ever notice how humans will stop and enjoy a flower. They will stop to sniff it and marvel at its beauty. Now compare that to a dog who would just as gladly stop to sniff another dogs butt and will ignore a beautifully scented flower.

Order Flowers Online With Same Day Delivery

Almost all of the links on this site can offer same day flower delivery and Saturday flowers delivery for every kind of flower. Same day delivery is when the arrangements are done by a local florist. Sending flowers to New York, Texas, or California, can easily be done with mylittleflowerstore.com. Coast to coast delivery for both unique floral arrangements, gifts, chocolates or balloon bouquets. To order online flowers for same day delivery place your order before 3pm in the recipients zip / postal code, so the local florist will have time to arrange and delivery the flower bouquet.